Our Technology

We developed our C&D oil change vehicles as a specialised technology. The idea behind the system design was to create a system that is as universal and flexible as possible for use on almost any wind turbine type and manufacturer while keeping the oil change as safe and efficient as possible, ensuring the shortest possible downtime periods.

"Safe and efficient with the shortest downtime periods"


  • Box truck with insulated storage, heating and liftgate
  • Storage tank for 6,000L of waste oil
  • Specialised hose drums for up to 170m of hose
  • Five hoses for replacement oil, one hose for waste oil
  • Elimination of any risk contaminating new oil with other oil types as we have hoses in sufficient numbers for several replacement oil types
  • Remote control access to pumps in the truck for both engineers to work in the wind turbine as necessary 
  • Pump, valves, volume measurement, etc. 
  • Own winch
  • Own power supply on the truck if needed
  • Fine filtration of gearbox oil down to 6 microns
  • Fine filtration of hydraulic oil down to 3 microns
  • Capacity for up to thirteen 1,000L containers (IBC) on the truck bed
  • Ability to transport several different oil types for different wind turbine types



Our extensive health and safety measures and working procedures have been reviewed and certified by the German TÜV Nord technical watchdog. The respective certificates can be viewed here. We see annual audits as an incentive to keep going in our efforts towards health and safety.